Ah, the ins and outs of new technology.

I asked for a Zune for Christmas this year. I’m “anti” iPod…meaning I don’t see the point of iTunes. I stopped buying CDs years ago, relying on the disease ridden whore of the internet, Limewire, for my music. I understand that artists want to get paid but honestly–aren’t they getting paid enough? I pay $15 a month and get unlimited downloads. I’ve downloaded 78 albums in the last two days…with an average of 10 songs per album, that almost 800 songs. For $15. Hello? Am I the only one scratching my head?

Yes, I know Microsoft is an evil, heartless empire–but so is America. I mean, c’mon. It’s all the same money, people. And yes, as backrubby, pallyaroundy Apple is, they’re catering to the same market, with the same promises. They’re just doing it better than Microsoft. They’ve managed to convince the world that the world NEEDS iPod. I guess I would feel differently if I had an enormous CD collection but thanks to an old friend, most of collection was stolen out of the back of a car a few years ago. And anyway, tastes change. Why must I got out and buy a CD if I want an album? CDs are a dead technology. They’ll be like VHS in a year or two. And why should I have to pay full price? Music should be free…or at the very least, rented for a monthly fee.

Please. Stop paying these people too much money. Maybe if we stop paying her so much Britney Spears won’t be able to afford another kid professionally OR financially. The more kids she spits out the longer we’re going to have to read about them in the press. Britney is the new Elvis, anyway. There’s young Britney and now there’s Fat Britney. Pretty soon she’ll slip in the bathroom and pass out between the toliet and the tub and we’ll be voting for which postal stamp we want.

Which is why I’m against iPods.

It’s all Britney’s fault.

brit loves cheetos
picture from Gallery of the Absurd


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