adventures in alcohol

The instructions were clear.

“We only have fifteen minutes. Think about what you want. We don’t have time for you to be dancing around with a weird bottle of something-or-other.”

Yet, while I was collecting an armful of midget-sized bottles of voka which I ultimately put back, Nick was perusing the near-empty shelves of what I have dubbed “the Weird Stuff”. Plumb wine, saki, other odd things. I didn’t know what I felt like. Yet there he was, dancing around with a bottle of Kijafa, cherry wine from Denmark. He also had a bottle of Reisling and something else. I grabbed a bottle of six dollar champagne and made him choose between his armful of booze.

The Kijafa went well with the champagne, I guess. It was a little too sweet with the champagne, especially since the champagne warm. I went searching this morning to find the real way to drink Kijafa. The one way I found was to mix it with your favorite soda. Mmmmm…like an old skool cherry coke. I waited until it was socially acceptable to have some (it’s only like 15% alcohol, anyway) and had some with some Diet Coke. Kijafa is a deep, dark cherry red. Blended with the Coke, it created a syrupy, ruby black. It’s yummy. If you’re looking for something weird to add to your collection, I can recommend it.

I just sobbed through the second half of ‘Tsunami: the AfTermath;’. There are points that you just stop watching and try to imagine what YOU would do if your entire family was swept away. It just rips your heart out.

I made four loaves of bread today. I’m nuts.


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  1. Linda Winfree said

    Oh, my God, I watched that same film over the weekend . . . and I cried as well. Part of me wanted to stop watching, but I couldn’t. It was very well done, very affecting.

    Glad to see you back on Blogger! 🙂

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