Yar but no but

Ugh. Hello, Internet. It’s Wednesday. Which means it’s almost Friday, in a weird sort of way.

I’m not feeling so great. The universe seems to be teetering on the edge of something. Maybe it’s real winter. Maybe it’s the holidays. Maybe it’s 2007, breathing down our necks.

My apartment is currently in a state of semi-controlled chaos. There are weeks where I go through a “I don’t give a shit” mode. I do dishes ocassionally, throw clothes all over the place, wake up at 8:30AM. I think I’m starting to hibernate. I hate that it goes dark so early. I hate that it’s cold in the morning. I do not like winter. I like those days in the fall when a sweater is all you need and the sun is shining.

I’m watching ‘Funny Farm’ right now because effing PBS has finally driven me crazy. No more “Engelbert: Amazing”. No more “Johnny Mathis: Wonderful, Wonderful”. For the love of Pete, no more “Doo Wop”! Where’s Nova? Where’s American Experience? I’m so afraid they’ve slipped into a fundraising blackhole, where Suzie Orman, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Rick Steves rule over Sesame Street, the Land of Make Believe and the Sahara with black magic and sound financial advice. I HATE fundraising season.

I want a fireplace. It’s more interesting to stare into then my TV set at the moment.

PS: Rest in peace, Mr. Peter Doyle.


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