awake is the new sleep.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. This is a new thing for me. I’m not saying that I was ever an insomniac but I had quite a strict 7 1/2 hours standard in order to feel human. Also if I feel asleep after 1 AM, it didn’t matter what time I woke up–I felt like shit. Now I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. If I close my eyes BAM! asleep. Last night, I laid down on my bed to listen to some music and I woke up at 8AM this morning, still fully dressed, still curled on top of my duvet. I’m not quite sure what the deal is.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Talking Heads.

I watched ‘Gus Van Sant’s Last Days’ tonight on IFC. I am not a big Van Sant fan–I don’t always “get” him. He creeps me out a little. Anyway, this movie is basically what happens to Kurt Cobain leading up to the day he (or Courtney Love, which my brother believed for a very long time and may still, I don’t know and we don’t talk about it anymore. My brother was very into Nirvana for a while, which I find slightly amusing. There is no doubting Nirvana’s inescapable conquer of the entire music scene in the 90’s OR their unmistakable mark they’ve had on every rock band since but Kurt Cobain’s maddening genius was pockmarked by bouts of severe weirdness, the likes these country mice from Pudding Hill had never seen. It would be like you idolizing some Somalian tribesman. That’s how far removed the Seattle grunge scene was from our little town. Anyway, my brother used to insist that Courtney killed Kurt. I don’t really know, I guess. It’s one of those things. Like the Kennedy thing. Or the Elvis thing. People will always talk about it because there is always something to discuss) shot himself in his greenhouse. I had seen the movie on Netflix and wanted to rent it due the yellow classic Cobain glasses Michael Pitt wears on the cover artwork. Truth be told, it felt like I was watching a documentary/dream sequence. A lot of it is very surreal for the mere fact that Pitt looks exactly fucking like Kurt Cobain to the point of downright creepiness. The soundtrack was very cool and I especially liked the implementation of Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus in Furs’ for all it’s conjuring and the hypnotic sitar. It’s not a gripping movie. You’re not waiting to see what happens next…you KNOW that the guy is going to kill himself. There’s not any real dialogue to speak of…it’s a running throng of conversation and Pitt muttering to himself.

But it’s pretty damn good. Feel free to watch it and tell me otherwise.

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. It was pretty uneventful, hung out with Nickolas after dinner. Sometimes it’s nice to be quiet. It’s not longer required that I be ass-drunk on my birthday (slightly tipsy is always nice). And anyway I’m afraid these days if I have too many, I’ll just fall asleep at the bar, which would be mortifying/hilarious.

November is almost over…December is coming. Which means ice and snow.

Just listen to David Byrnes. I’m digging what he’s planting.


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