tanyas, finns and pumpkins

‘The Be Good Tanyas’ make the world seem smaller. I am severely enjoying their ‘Chinatown’ album right now. It’s warm and cozy music. If you’re into some old tyme/new tyme music, give it a listen. It’s chill.

It’s Pumpkin Fest TOMORROW. Where did the Fall go? I can’t even believe it. Randan is coming over from Manch to spend the weekend and I’m psyched because I haven’t seen him in ages. I’ve also never had a houseguest before. Yeah, I’ve had people crash at my house but not come to stay. Also my dear friend Annie C is coming back. It’s been too, too long. P-fest is a magical time. Things happen. I don’t know, Nickolas. I feel like this weekend may be the weekend that I have to face that big, ugly mess from the summer and put my cards out on the table. Hey, hey. When will I stop weighing the pros and cons?

Too bad it’s planning on raining tomorrow (BOO) but we’ll be nice and warm at 21 and Saturday is supposed to be nice to punkin carving and wandering around the town. I have my camera ready.

Finnair went on strike today. Sometimes I want to go on strike. Us Finns, we’re a moody bunch. Today was insane. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be in retail or something. Be a check out girl at Target. Not have to worry and wager, beg and bicker, negotiate and lose my nerve. What is that like? I don’t remember. I don’t remember what it’s like not to be emotionally invested in my work. I’m rooted to it–look, I’m writing about it. Who would I be if I didn’t work there?

That is a scary thought.


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