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Oh, Frontline

As educational and as wonderful you are, your current program “The Lost Year in Iraq” is extremely depressing.

I enjoy Frontline when I catch it. A lot of people accuse PBS of being Bush-hating hippies. I don’t really think that this is true. I think they tell the truth. Sometimes, well…to quote a movie, people can’t handle the truth. People don’t want to think that the President would put someone who had no knowledge of the Middle East in charge of Iraq. People hate to think that the person in charge of cleaning up Iraq would suggest shooting the looters, in the beginning part of Operation “Freedom”, but only a few, since that would be all it would take to make people stop looting.

It makes me cringe, really. What must the rest of the world think of us? Muscling into a country for no other reason than our president is an ex-cokehead with a grudge and botching up a reconstruction of a country. Not a reconstruction of a car. Of a house. A COUNTRY. It boggles the mind.

I can understand how disgruntled they felt. I’m not saying I condone the violence. I just know that, if someone came into my country, after bombing the shit out of it and throw 20, 000 people out of work, lock tens of thousands of possibly innocent people in a shithole of jail and then abuse them in the most unhumane way possible…I’d be a little pissed too. Can I imagine myself a little pissed and with a rifle? I’m not in that country. I have no idea what I would do. How I would feel. Would it matter that I am white? A woman? Middle Class? In New Hampshire? It’s a very uneasy feeling to know that for all of our seperation in this country, we could all very easily be reduced to frightened, shellshocked people. It doesn’t matter who you are.

The most frustrating part is that now we see. When it was happening, did we know what was going on? Yes, people were saying “This isn’t right,” but now, sitting here, almost three years later, we can sit and look back at the articles and the footage and the actual history of what we’ve done. Hindsight really is twenty-twenty, isn’t it? It’s heartbreaking to know that no one will ever say “We made a mistake” or “We should probably rethink what we’re doing here.”

The violence is awful. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I just wish there was a better way.

annotation 10:15pm: After a while to think and absorb what I wanted to say and what I saw, I am sure this is why I like Frontline. I like that it upsets me, makes me uncomfortable, inspires me. It’s such a valuable feeling to know that I can be affected by a television program in a way that makes me feel smarter, emotional…more human. How many other programs can do that? Not many, I say.


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