my napster shuffle likes widespread more than I do.

My Napster shuffle keeps going back to Widespread Panic. Apparently it likes them more than I do. I mean, I like them but every other song, sometimes two songs in row? Get a room.

Things I Forgot

1. What Fall smells like.
2. Going for a walk by myself is Good Times.
3. Pearl Jam, specifically ‘No Code’. Also ‘Yield’.
4. Life is much simpler than it appears.
5. Fear is what you tell yourself because your mind isn’t ready to accept.

What, you say you’re looking for some music? Why not try:

Revival by Gillian Welch (old school modern alt. bluegrass chick music)
Wildcat by Ratatat (OMFG listen to this album. Also, drugs are bad.)
Another Fine Day, by Golden Smog (Jeff Tweedy side project. Also features members of Jayhawks and Soul Asylum…try it, you’ll like it.)
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood…or any album by Neko Case…she’s um-maz-ing.
Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio (completely f’d but completely f’d in a good way)
Anodyne, Uncle Tupelo (Jeff Tweedy, full of alcohol and drugs. Also full of genius)
Mermaid Avenue I and II by Billy Bragg and Wilco…I listen to it on repeat.

I’m feeling happy. I hope you are too.


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