every day I wake up and it’s Sunday…

Owch, is it really five of ten on a Sunday night? Weekends are passing two at time these days…PumpkinFest is only two weeks away…and then two weeks after that…JAPAN. Craziness.

Interesting weekend, anyway. Saturday I finally got some sleep (cats are driving me FUCKING crazy) and didn’t get up until 11. Found some money and went to Gomarlos for some supplies (you know, important stuff like Coca Cola for Jack and Coke and onion soup mix for french onion dip). I enjoy quiet Saturday nights, `specially when I can really only afford to be quiet and listen to music and watch the TV.

Today I laid about all morning and had two cups of coffee before I went for a really long walk and took some pictures of the world around me. It felt really nice to get out and move around and look. The whole world smells smoky and sharp in the Fall…I love it.

So what’d you do this weekend?


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