remember when Tom Cruise wasn’t crazy?…and other things that make me feel old

So I’ve been back in Keene for four days and honestly, it’s good to be back. I feel like I belong here more than ever.

Watched Clueless this morning. I told my mother I thought Clueless defined my generation. My parents had Apocolypse Now and American Graffiti and I have Clueless. Does anyone agree with me? Am I totally off my mark here? Now I’m watching the Firm while surfing through Sephora for Good Things. Remember when Tom Cruise did all those great movies in the 90’s? I mean, I know some of them sucked (see Cocktail) but the rest of them were great. His current state of nutcase really came out of leftfield. Poor Tommy…

Um, I don’t know if anyone saw that NBC is pimping Law & Order this week because Kathleen Turner is guest starring. One of my fave movies growing up was Romancing the Stone and I thought she was great. She’s kind of become a charicature of herself. Like, for example…this is how I remember her:

And I almost killed myself laughing when I saw something that was much scarier but very similar to THIS on TV last night:

I’m totally concerned for her. I see where this is going…

“Mr. Perlman, are you trying to seduce me?”


So I don’t really have a lot to say. However, I stole this from Nicole because I think it’s a good idea.

27 x 27
(27 things I want to accomplish by the time I’m 27–November 23rd)

1. Sign up for a class at Franklin Pierce.
2. Find an apartment.
3. Go to the doctor.
4. Go SOMEWHERE outside of the Northeast-like California.
5. Lose 50 lbs.
6. Stop chewing my nails.
7. Read a book a month…we’ll start small!
8. Pay my parents back most of the money I owe them.
9. Pay off my bloody student loans.
10. Start exercising.
11. Get my hair cut correctly and maintain it so I stop looking like a mop.
12. Take Penny and Lily to the vet for a checkup.
13. Spend a weekend in Boston with my sister.
14. Go to Amsterdam on cheapo depot Icelandair tickets ($150 round trip!)
15. Find a nice boy.
16. Spend quality time with old friends.
17. Save up money for a sweet camera.
18. Get a raise.
19. Stop eating crap.
20. Start learning another language…French, maybe?
21. write more
22. Get a good pair of black heels.
23. Get my eyebrows threaded.
24. Go to Montreal.
25. Listen to good music…no more crap.
26. Fix the antennae on my car so I can actually get radio stations.
27. Lose US Cellular and get a better phone.


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  1. Dae said


    It’s–wait, what name did I use? Dae now, then Diana–she of Crosby Hall once upon a time and formerly of CT. I missed your IM until I had already logged off and then when I jumed back on you were gone. I almost never use that old account. Try daesychain. I will try and keep an eye out for you!

    Hope to catch you! Just sent forever tracking down your blog!

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