let me in

“It’s better to leave a misdeed
A misdeed burns you afterward.
Better that a good deed be done
that, after you’ve done it,
won’t make you burn.”

-Dhammapada, 22, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

I was going to blog about how I was wronged yesterday by a coworker, insulted, bitchslapped, humiliated, chastised. About how frighteningly angry I was. How I wanted to burn everything in the world and scream and pound my heels and fists into the floor. About all the terrible things I want to shout. About the thoughts running through my head. About the awful things I DID say.

This arrived in my email this morning.

I let it go.

I am shutting up.

I am forgetting.

I am forgiving.

I am ok.



  1. Anonymous said

    GT sucks. Always has, always will

  2. Jen said

    Who art thou, Comcast in NH?w

  3. Anonymous said

    no one that really matters.

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