Picked up our India partner at the airport today. There’s something about airports, isn’t there? Standing in the kiosk, waiting for the plane to arrive, I was hit with the unmistakable urge to bolt. I have money in my bank account–just buy a ticket to somewhere and say bye, bitches. Why do I always feel that need to escape? It was overpowering. I stood there as the minutes ticked by, sipping my coffee, wondernig where I would go.

I’m not traveling this year with the company, due to moving expenses I may incur. It bums me out. Japan was finally sounding interesting. Old roommate is going to Germany. And although it’s where I want to be, Keene is sounding less and less exotic.

I’ve been having weird dreams lately. The kind where you’re pissed off at people in your life because of what they did to you in your dream. Weird, weird dreams. I’ve been worrying about money in my head, worrying about what’s going to happen when I move back. Will there be enough work for me to do? Will I feel useful or just stupid that I changed my mind and decided to move back? Argh, too many thoughts this morning.


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