100 things about ME

In the spirit of narcissim, I decided to do this:

1. Born November 23rd 1979 in Keene NH.
2. I was born about one month and a week early.
3. Oldest child of three.
4. Learned to play piano when I was 4.
5. I was extremely afraid of the dark when I was younger. I still kind of am.
6. I like cats and dogs–but I like dogs better.
7. I like Splenda–and I’m not a freak.
8. I drive a 2002 Focus. Her name is Natascha.
9. On my college applications, I wrote that I was in the top 10% of my class–there were only 32 kids in my class.
10. I love cold sheets.
11. I sleep sideways most of the time–and on my stomach.
12. I talk to myself on long drives.
13. I love cosmopolitans–but they have to have a lime, not a lemon.
14. My favorite color is red.
15. I hate people who tailgate but I tailgate people.
16. I’m a fierce liberal.
17. I voted for Gore, Dean AND Kerry.
18. I never wore a button or rallied for Howard Dean and secretly feel guilty that Bush was elected because of me.
19. I would rather stay in than go out.
20. If I’m home sick or on vacation, I watch kids shows on PBS all day long.
21. I’m afraid to fly.
22. I love to gossip.
23. I’ve smoked marijuana and done mushrooms–and I will never regret that.
24. I read Vogue but I would never wear anything in there.
25. I hate Cosmo.
26. I’ve never been to the west coast of the United States.
27. I swear too much.
28. I would love to live in New York City.
29. I never finished college.
30. My favorite perfume is Stella by Stella Mccartney.
31. I love tomatoes and mashed potatoes.
32. I’m addicted to celery.
33. I’m a social smoker. I hate smelling like smoke unless I’m in a bar.
34. I dance around my apartment on Saturday mornings if I’m the only one home.
35. I have very small hands and feet.
36. I hate my fingers.
37. I never learned how to use a curling iron and I’m GLAD.
38. I love Sex & the City but I hate watching it with other people.
39. I still have a crush on Tom Hanks.
40. I don’t understand video games and consider them a “last resort” when it comes to entertainment. I’ve never really gotten into them.
41. I stole a bag of M&M’s from Kulicks in 5th grade and got caught. But it was the only time I ever got caught.
42. I need a fan on to sleep.
43. I wake up to NPR. I can’t wake up to music or a buzzer.
44. I don’t have one favorite movie–I have lots.
45. I’ve been accused of liking “guy movies”. I find that offensive.
46. I hate girlie movies, especially anything starring Julia Stiles.
47. I would like to go to India but I don’t think I could make the flight.
48. I’m a speedreader.
49. I wish I was a runner.
50. I wish I read more.
51. I have a very short attention span.
52. I can’t parallel park.
53. I make good cookies.
54. I like to iron.
55. I like the smell of gasoline and triplicate copy, like report cards.
56. From 1997 to 1999 I worked at a special needs preschool in my hometown. I loved it but it killed me inside that I could never “fix” those kids.
57. I still believe that if you make a wish when the clock turns 11:11 and kiss it, your wish will come true.
58. I hate math.
59. I try to keep a checkbook but I fail everytime.
60. I love to get perfume samples from Filenes.
61. I’m a cosmetics junkie.
62. I am very good with names.
63. I don’t like to be touched but I like to hug.
64. I love the smell of coffee.
65. I cry during “Animal Precinct” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”.
66. I’ve always wanted to sing in band but I don’t ever think I could really do it.
67. I flip people off on the highway more than I should.
68. Boston is my favorite place in the world.
69. I google people from my past.
70. I have secret crushes.
71. I blush really easily.
72. I eavesdrop.
73. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Oatmeal Cookie by Ben & Jerry’s.
74. My favorite band changes all the time.
75. My favorite Yankee Candle flavor is Clean Cotton.
76. I bite my nails to excess.
77. I hold my breath when I drive by roadkill.
78. I want things I can’t have.
79. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Paris, Madrid, Rio de Janiero, Budapest, Prague and Vienna. I’m going to Japan in December.
80. I can’t draw and wish I could.
81. I used to write fanfiction. I lost my ability to write well after taking antidepressants.
82. I have never skipped school–ever.
83. When I was in college, I wouldn’t go to class for weeks.
84. I have a picture of my parents tap dancing together when they were 5 years old.
85. We only had 4 channels growing up: ABC, NBC and two PBS’s.
86. I like driving over bridges.
87. I love the ocean.
88. Fall is my favorite season.
89. I long for the summer all winter and than hate it until the fall.
90. I’m messy.
91. I HATE the dentist.
92. My featherbed is the best thing I ever bought.
93. I can’t learn French.
94. I have 20 pairs of shoes but only one pair of sneakers.
95. I am inexplicably drawn to gay men.
96. I love to sleep late.
97. My favorite store is Ikea.
98. I have the most comfortable couch on the planet.
99. I don’t stand up for myself as much as I could.
100. I want kids when I grow up. At least four.


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  1. Ashis Kumar said

    Jen my baby….think bout the world population……?

    Small family happy family!

    & I too bite my nails, Its actually easier the usin the nail cutter & more precise!

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