i’ve got spirit yes I do, I’m canadian, how `bout you?

listening: Rock the Shack, New Order

As usual, American Idle has hit the nail on the head for me this morning. How exactly did this jerkoff get elected? Every single freakin’ time something tragic happens, the media catches him being a retard. It’s EMBARESSING. It’s REVOLTING. It’s INFURIATING. C’mon, George. Please?! I heard on radio the other morning that he learned his lesson from his father, that even though he can “work” from the ranch as well as he can “work” from the White House, the country has a perception that he “works” harder away from the ranch, i.e. when they were wallpapering memos about Osama having this great idea about killing hundreds of Americans around his office and he was clearing brush. Now, a city is in complete chaos, people are dying and he’s fooling around. Mr. Bush, please. Get your friggin’ act together and act like a leader and not some punkass shit trying to remember the first three cords of Free Bird. If you’re worried about your perception by the American public, it’s a little late. Sitting on your ass while people were being flown into buildings in New York “reading” a book made a lot of us wake up. Most of the ones who have a 1/3 of a brain in their skulls are practicing their Canadian accents as we speak….eh.

Not a lot of posting going on this week. Kind of a weird one. My little sister moved in with my roommate and I this weekend, as she’s working outside of Boston and it’s a huge commute (an hour and 45 minutes) from Keene to where she is working and only 45 minutes from Manchvegas). It’s extremely interesting, as we now share a room and I’ve seen her more in the last four days than in the last six years. She’s a very cool adult and I’m glad that she’s staying with me until December. Now as long as roommate can keep her cool, we’ll all be one happy family. Went to Ikea as planned on Saturday with Neil and Nick and had a blast, as usualy. Got some great stuff…can’t wait until November when the one in Brocton opens, have I mentioned that?

Three day weekend coming up. Nick and Jim should be coming over sometime for din and perhaps drinks. I would love to make something yummy for them. Looking forward to sacking out and watching the CSI marathon on Spike on Monday.

Yeah, I’ve got goals.


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