12 f*cking cds later

listening: soft as snow (but warm inside), my bloody valentine

I have taken my need for new music to drastic levels. Unfortunately the burner is being a douchebag and I have wasted TWELVE f-ing CDs trying to burn a CD tonight. What the crap is wrong with it?? I have finally finally finally got it to work (we’re talking like four hours later) and I’m actually exhausted.

HOWEVER I would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to ultragrrrl for introducing me to editors. They are fucking great. Neil, don’t worry. I made you a present. I’m coming home this weekend if you’ll be around. Or if you don’t lose your house…or perhaps your car…or your mind. (sorry) Also checking out Nightmares of You–they’ve got some stuff up on Rhapsody and it rocks pretty hard.

Tomorrow’s Friday ya’ll–laters.


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