Nine dollar cosmos and other fun things

listening: Mountain Rain, Interlude, Saint Entienne

Happy Sunday evening, ya’ll.

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend in Keene. I really wasn’t planning on making the trek at all this weekend but family issues and the hint of perhaps just a little alcohol made me rethink (but mostly the family stuff). I was going to go home to see my sister, who is up from Florida for the week doing job interviews but my mom told me she had gotten delayed and wasn’t going to be home until Sunday night.

I got into Keene late in the afternoon and made the drive up to God’s Country (aka my parents house). They joined the Grass Roots movement in the 70’s and bought a bunch of land up in East of Nowhere New Hampshire and lived off the land (like, seriously. Grew their own vegetables, ate their own meat, chickens and all sorts of good stuff). It was a pretty groovy place to grow up, since Sister, Brother and I were the only kids up there and we had 64 acres to run around on like crazy children, happy and cable TV-free (my parents still only habe 4 channels. ABC, NBC, and two PBS stations). I hung out with my mom for a little bit and then met Jim and Nick for dinner at 176 Main. Oh, it used to be so great back in the day. But the patio is divine and the beer was cold and the food was yummy. Nick’s sister Katherine met us there and we headed over to 21, the “new” (well, new to me) martini bar over on Roxbury. Their claim to fame is martinis–guess how many they have? It’s a very cool, posh environment (hotter than HELL though–no AC!) with good music, excellent waitress (she used to work at Tony’s) and really, really, really good Cosmos, my drink of choice. Anyway, I think I had five or six before my friend Amie and her friend Erin showed up (Neil was a no show–Neil, you missed a good time and that’s alls I’m saying because I know nothing I say is going to drag you out of the funk you’ve been in lately). After a few more drinks, I finally got in touch with my friend Caroline (nickname: Okra–if you watch MadTV, you’ll get it), who was over at Tony’s (guess what, the bar doesn’t really look like that! The lights are NEVER ON). We headed over and hung out with her for a while, few more drinks. Saw my best friend from senior year who has not spoken to me (nor I her) in about five years. We didn’t even look at each other. Also incredibly hot at Tony’s (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was trashed). Headed out to the Dark Star (the Grateful Dead bar in West Keene) because they have air conditioning. They were pretty much closed, but we sat and had a drink with the two other people in there and watched Christopher Walken on SNL. After that, Wendy’s and Nick and Jim ventured up into East Puckerdoo to drop me at my parents so I wouldn’t have to drive…or sleep on Nick’s floor. I got in the house with only a few barks of the dogs. It was redonkulously hot in the house, so I kind of conked out on the loveseat in front of the fan.

I was only asleep for about half an hour when I was awakened by the dogs going apeshit and they scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t see any cars coming down the road and it was nearly 3 am. I got up, scared out of mind, and stumbled to the door to find my sister coming up the steps with her new dog, Kahlua, a present from her boyfriend. She had just got in. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then my parents came downstairs and the dogs got acquainted (me having to explain why Nick and Jim dropped me off, me trying to hide the facted that I was tiggety trashed). Annie and I stayed up until about 4 talking and watching the dogs before I finally passed out on the sofa. Kahlua woke me up at 730am and I went upstairs and zonked out in my bedroom on the futon until almost noon. My mom headed back to school and my dad went golfing. My sister was supposed to come back with me but she got stung on her nose by a bee while she was walking Kahlua before we left. I felt so bad. I bet that hurt like crazy. She had a headache so we decided to do it again another time.

Anyway, faboo weekend.

I just can’t wait to go to bed!


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