there’s no crying in baseball

listening: Beautiful Day Without You, Royksopp

Arrrgh, I’m in a pirate mood this AM. Actually it’s not AM is it? It’s PM. I slept until 11 o’clock this morning because I am bum and I needed my beauty sleep. Now I need to clean before Nick gets here and I can’t drag my ass upstairs to clean the bathroom. Penny got a bath this morning and there’s dog hair everywhere. So I’ve elected to surf the web and listen to the Blue Room instead. Kickass.

Happy birthday to Mr. Hanks…still dreamy after all these years. I LOVE the Money Pit and Splash and Punchline and Big and the Man with One Red Shoe and Bonfire of the Vanities AND Volunteers–even A League of Their Own, you were f-ing brilliant. Make more movies like that, Tommy. And, OMG, The `burbs, you should have one an OSCAR for that. Screw Forrest. Even Apollo 13 was fantastic. Or at least do something where you use your own voice. You haven’t done that since Green Mile or Castaway and even then…well, it wasn’t you (and you looked scary in Castaway, kind of like Iggy Pop but more…skinny? Is that possible?). Exhibit A: Forrest Gump, Exhibit B The Terminal, Exhibit C The Ladykillers…I could go on and on.

Or look up Peter Scolari and do another Bosom Buddies. Alternate lifestyles are very hott right now. I don’t know what the premise of the show would be–but put on a dress anyway.

Err…enough wasting time…laters.


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