Re: Lord help us

I don’t know. What a crazy world we live in. All that scaredycat communist crap that went on when our parents were kids was so much
smaller than this. When they were kids, the terror was only in their
minds and in the propaganda. We have to see it. I hate it. I hate not
feeling safe.

You know what made me angry?

I woke up to the news on NPR this morning and they were talking about it and I was like “What? Where? Huh?”. I turned on CNN and there was nothing on it so I thought I imagined or dreamed it or something so I got in the shower. When I got out my radio was on again and they were saying “London” so I turned CNN back on again and NOTHING. I was like, ok. BBC America–right? They must be reporting something. Um, no. I turned the radio back on and listened to the report and flipped back to CNN. Still nothing. Oh, wait. The ticker on the bottom of the screen was listing details. The reporter was talking about how “Lil Kim” had to go to jail.


There are more important things going on in the world right now, dumbass. If this had happened in New York or Boston or San Francisco or Chicago or Miami or Los Angeles or Seattle or EVEN KEENE, CNN would have done up graphics and had thirty seven reporters on the scene. What the hell is wrong with us? Aren’t England and America supposed to be like BFF or something? Don’t Blair and Bush hold hands and have sleepovers? I mean, come on. What kind of journalistic integrity are we supposed to expect from CNN if they’re reporting on Lil Kim instead of unsuspecting, still-high-from-the-Olympics mums and dads blown apart and frightened people trapped underground?

I just don’t know. It’s depressing. We’ll see what Bush says. I bet he doesn’t use big words like “barbaric” .


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