a thousand barefoot children outside, dancing on my lawn

listening: My Friend My Friend, Rift, Phish

I LOVE the fourth of July. It’s not because I’m uberpatriotic. Yes, I’ve contemplated jumping the border for Canada and subsiding on french fries and gravy and loonies for the rest of life just to avoid being lumped into the special ed class called America that W has been driving around on a short bus for the last five years. That’s a terrible image. I just imagine W as Otto from the Simpsons.

But I digress.

I just love the fourth of July. Not because of the cookouts and the fireworks and the excessive drinking. I just like the whole weekend. It’s a long weekend. It’s a weekend of hanging out with friends and enjoying just BEING.

I’ve kicked my electronica habit yet again this summer. Last summer it was the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. This year it’s Phish, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. I don’t know what it is. I just need something with a little more substance this time of year.

I was kind of hoping these and these would be here by these weekend but they won’t be here until Tuesday. 😦 I have a pair like this but they’re dark blue with pink whales. They’re getting worn down because I love them so.

It’s so freakin’ gorgeous here today.

Click for Manchester, New Hampshire Forecast

I’m heading home to spend quality time with the fam and the friends.

Have a safe weekend, ya’ll.


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