full moon california

listening: Stash, Picture of Nectar, Phish

The sun was setting tonight, at like 10 o’clock, which is amazing. Still light out, still warm. It was cold last night (and I even wrote last night and was such a tard that I erased it on accident), but tonight it’s warm and syrupy. Maybe this is what California is like all year round. `Course I have no idea since I’ve NEVER been there. But I can imagine. Imagine that everything is perfect there.
Extremely strange astral weather lately. Yesterday was a lazy day. Neil came up Saturday night and I didn’t go to be until almost 5 in the morning. I had thrown Better Living through Circuitry and fell asleep right around when they started talking about Carl Cox…I think…and woke up to the DVD menu music. Tried to sleep on the couch but managed to get upstairs and fall into bed, not before staring out my window, watching the sky go from electric blue to lavendar, realizing in my blurry mind as I fell asleep that the sun was coming up. Woke up too early, roommate and I witnessed a full blown domestic disturbance in the parking lot behind our house. Did the nosy thing by running upstairs to see if we could get a better view. At the grocery store, a couple walked by us, arguing and the girl finally hissed “GOD, just stop TALKING to me!”.

Slightly hilarious, as we, roommate and I, were getting along famously, unlike every day other day of the year. And the good, strange mood as carried over onto a Monday. Work went quick and then we were home again. I don’t know if it’s the weather or not.

Coworker went to Keene for training last week and brought me back a map of the Monadnock Region. It’s very cartoony, with all the little towns mapped out. I love it. I hung it up under my Costa Rica map and meditate on it when I want to run screaming from the building.

Interesting mix from rhapsody tonight, check it out [note to self: buy a bloody mp3 player, bitch!]:
random mix 6/20/05:
“1. Stash – Phish
2. Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix) – DJ Spooky
3. Rosenberg – Gus Gus
4. Down With Disease – Phish
5. Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley
6. Black Metallic – Catherine Wheel
7. America – M83
8. Tesko Suicide – Sneaker Pimps
9. Ripple – Grateful Dead
10. The Farm – Jefferson Airplane
11. Situations – Jack Johnson
12. World Of Two – Cake
13. Pitch The Baby – Cocteau Twins
14. Dirty Boots – Sonic Youth
15. Cherry – Ratatat
16. We Walk The Same Line – Everything But The Girl
17. Dark & Long (Dark Train) – Underworld”


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