all quiet on the southeastern front

listening: ‘welcome to the north’, the music

There are a 100 reasons I should have a headace but I don’t. I love four day work weeks. And I got an extra hour and a half of sleep today because my alarm inexplicably didn’t go off. Usually, NPR is right there to coax me out of sleep at 6:30 am with it’s insightful and thoughtful news. No NPR this morning. What the F? I woke up, discombobulated and panicky, at 7:45. Not a good way to start the day.

Roommate and I discussed future plans. Roommate feels situation is semipermanent (What the HELL does that mean, anyway? Either it’s permanent or not permanent). I would eventually like to make my way back to Keene or small town in vincinity of Keene. I miss it. Life is funny. Spent 18 years trying to get out and I’ve spent the last five trying to get back.

Absolutely dead silent up on the Hill tonight. No jets going overhead, no motorcycles. Only the slightly groggy hum of our neighbor’s air conditioner, awoken from it’s winter slumber. C’mon, neighbor people. It’s not the hot out. Baby Lily is sleeping on the arm of the love seat beside me. She’s grown at an astonding rate in the two weeks we’ve had her–she’s going to be a huge cat. I woke her up just to be a bitch. I like the way she yawns. Now she’s attacking my feet. How sweet.

Good night.


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