No words.

I know it’s a little late but they were amazing. No words can describe it.

Top ten things about the Coldplay show in Wallingford:

1. New song: “Ladder to the Sun”. Beautiful. Want it. Good. Yay, KAZAA.

2. Chris forgot the words to ‘Spies’ halfway through. Beautiful. Good.

3. Three encores.

4. They did ‘One I Love’. It’s old and a B-side.

5. Drunk guy next to me who loved them as much as I did and we rocked out.


7. ‘The Scientist’ reduced me to tears…only cried once. That’s a plus.

8. They didn’t do ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Shiver’ or ‘Rush of Blood to the Head’ and I didn’t care.

9. Entire venue singing final verse of ‘Everything’s Not Lost’

10. Opened with Politik.

11. Ok, so eleven: perfect ‘In my Place’ and ‘Trouble’. Damn.

Fucking amazing band. I love them.


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