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Sunday, snowy Sunday

It was 70 degrees this week.

Now it’s sleeting and raining.

I hate New Hampshire sometimes.

I am entirely too bored today. Up at the `rents, listening to golf that’s been droning all day on the telly. It’s boring. I hate golf. I’m scooting around the web, but nothing is catching my fancy. I was supposed to do my taxes today with my mother, but I forgot my W2. Whoops. I hate taxes, too. I hate math. I hate the fact that I have to pay in because I made “too much money”. That’s a load of crap because there’s no such thing. I hate that I keep saying hate. I’m so frigging negative.

It’s been a negative weekend. Last weekend was so much fun. We had an impromptu party Friday night and got plastered. The boys did boilermakers and we did shots of Southern Comfort. Neil fell down outside and we all had a good laugh. It was fun. Saturday night was cozy and warm and Amie and Brandon’s and Sunday was wonderfully uneventful. Six Feet Under was good and I went to bed happy. This weekend, Neil’s been in a bad mood for, like, two weeks. He goes through these spells. He used to have them all the time at the old apartment. He’d be depressed, withdrawn, violent. I learned a long time ago to ignore what he says, that he doesn’t mean it, and to weather the storm. He’ll get over it. I don’t know what triggered it this time…maybe it was the weather, his job, money, boys…I don’t know. He doesn’t tell me. He keeps it inside. Mikey says he tried to help, but Neil replied his problems weren’t as important. Mikey says that he thinks that means Neil thinks his problems aren’t important.

That’s not true. Sorry, I’ve lived with the kid for almost three years. I know what it means.

It means Neil was being sarcastic. If I had been there, I would have laughed. Mikey’s problems are more important that anybody elses at times. Neil knows this. He was pointing it out. You don’t have to be a genuis to figure that one out. It’s almost funny. Well, not funny. Just mildly amusing.

So, that’s been fun to deal with. He was in a better mood last night but a crappy one this morning. Perhaps I shouldn’t pick on him so much, but it’s fun and I don’t mean any of it most of the time.

Work is slowing down. It’s nice to be able to leave at 6pm, but I still sometimes feel like I’m drowning and out of control. I’m doing some research on Gate 1‘s Rio package for work. It’s $499.00 for 5 nights with airfare, but it doesn’t include sightseeing or a departure transfer, and it’s only good for May 6th. That seems kind of dumb to me. We can do $599 all summer, and we have sightseeing and a departure transfer. The hotel looks a bit dumpish as well, not that the hotel we use is a prize, either, but still.


Slipped into work mode there for a minute. Sorry.

I wanted to write today, but I forgot my disk, damn it.

No short term memory.

Wish I could remember where my W-2 is.


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am i part of the cure or am i part of the diease?


God, what a day.

I don’t know if you all watch CNN, but there’s this thing called “the killer flu”, or SARS (severe acute respitory syndrome) going on Asia now. It’s some kind of deadly pnemonia or something.

Fucking chaos.

That’s all work was today. People freaking out, screaming at each other. Every word my boss said today was “fuck”, and he’s not a big curser. He yells, but he never says “fuck” in normal conversation. It was insane. I said something jokingly to him at the copier and he got in my face, asking why I was attacking him. It was scary, it really was. He calmed down in the afternoon, after calling me a “pain in the fucking ass”. What a nice place to work. We are all so nice to each other. I was only aware of the whole killer flu thing. I’m in Latin America. We only have stuff like Dengue Fever and stuff. Nothing crazy like the whole killer flu.

Oh, here we go. Bush’s address. I’m going to pause for a moment.

I don’t have much to say after that. I’m depressed now.

Good night

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we live in a beautiful world…

It is so beautiful here in Southern New Hampshire, babies. It’s so nice out. It’s got to be at least 45, 50 degrees out. The snow is finally melting, the sun is shining…drove all the way here with the windows down, listening to one my Coldplay rarities CD’s, Penny hanging out the back window. I knew it would be a good day.

However, what kind of night is another story. Mikey’s friend Scary Gary is up tonight. He’s such a wierdo. I don’t like him. At all. Neither does Neil. Mikey knows this. Doesn’t stop him from inviting him over. And he’s not cutting into my Six Feet Under time. I love that show.

I went into work yesterday for like seven hours. Ugh. I got a lot done, but I’m not getting paid enough to do that regularly.

I don’t like my graphic. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Yuck. I need to change it.

I’m watching a Suze Orman special on PBS with my mom. She keeps asking me if I’m listening. Yeah, I’m listening. It’s making me feel like shit. It’s unreal to think about how much money I would have if I had saved $10.00 a week since I turned 18.

Morocco is spelled wrong on my business cards. Moraco. MORACO?

I wish today could last forever.

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and this could be my last more keeping my feet on the ground

Lifeless…this cutie pie needs a hag and a day of QAF. Check him out.

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Okay, so I wasn’t going to post this but DAMN what a beautiful site. Check it out. It’s beautiful. It just is.

I had a really crappy day. My driveway is a skating rink and I totally wiped out coming up the driveway. Work was one pain in the ass after the other and I wanted to put my head through my window.

And I haven’t done any housework today. No dishes. No sweeping. No catbox.

And it feels damn good.

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No words.

I know it’s a little late but they were amazing. No words can describe it.

Top ten things about the Coldplay show in Wallingford:

1. New song: “Ladder to the Sun”. Beautiful. Want it. Good. Yay, KAZAA.

2. Chris forgot the words to ‘Spies’ halfway through. Beautiful. Good.

3. Three encores.

4. They did ‘One I Love’. It’s old and a B-side.

5. Drunk guy next to me who loved them as much as I did and we rocked out.


7. ‘The Scientist’ reduced me to tears…only cried once. That’s a plus.

8. They didn’t do ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Shiver’ or ‘Rush of Blood to the Head’ and I didn’t care.

9. Entire venue singing final verse of ‘Everything’s Not Lost’

10. Opened with Politik.

11. Ok, so eleven: perfect ‘In my Place’ and ‘Trouble’. Damn.

Fucking amazing band. I love them.

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