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news from the great white north

Because it’s snowing again. AGAIN. I don’t get it. At work Friday, Helena asked (in her deep eastern europe accent) asked “Do you not have enough money for a proper jacket?” I didn’t realize we were slipping into the next ice age, for crying out loud. Last year, the temperature hardly dipped below freezing. Now it’s like 5 below and did I mention it’s snowing again?

I’m here at the `rents, after driving Natascha (my car…yeah I know) up through the snow and ice into the middle of NOWHERE. My mother went skiing and my brother and father went to a Celtics game so I get this big beautiful house all to myself. So what if I’m watching infomericals and puttering around the net? Visited the new fanlistings page and I have to say, the new layout kind of sucks. It’s kind of cheezy. Maybe they’ll change it. ICK.

I really don’t have anything important to say, not like I ever do anyway. Thinking about work tomorrow, trying to convince myself to go to bed early and go in to work really early, since I didn’t go in on Saturday. Sigh…


I was going to post this the other night, but here it is…THIS is why I love this fucking band so much. THIS is why.


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she works hard for the money (eh eh eh eh) so hard for it honey (eh eh eh eh)

It’s ‘The Birdcage’, people, c’mon.

I’m sure Neil got it.

Workie, workie.

I feel like I’ve been ignoring my blog this week. I’ve been so busy with work. This last week has been crazy. Maybe I wasn’t prepared, maybe it was just NUTS but tonight is the first night I’ve felt like I’ve been able to breath (and I just finished dinner…yikes…frozen chickens suck, what was I thinking??) I’m not even eating it, I’m not hungry anymore.

My first week was hard. Anything that could go wrong did and anything I was DROWING. I worked 12 hours a day and then went in on Saturday for 6 hours. The girl I took over for stopped caring a long time ago and I kept tripping over all her mistakes. My boss, the colossal ass, was freaking out. He was nice to me on Saturday though, after I kind of freaked out and was like IT ISN’T MY FAULT I’M DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN AND IT’S MY FIRST WEEK BACK OFF. I wrote Savannah a yoohoo (what an instant message would have looked like in 1982…our software is 21 years old!) that looked like this:




This week has been better. I went in a 9am and left by 630pm last night and tonight, which makes me feel better. I’ve got a better handle on the paperwork, even though today I found a bunch of fuckups I made last week. YIKES. Oh, well.

What a boring post. I’m sorry. I just feel like I’ve been living and breathing work for the past week.

Oh yeah, I’m going to go see Coldplay with Neil on the 28th of February…YAY! I’m so excited. I love them (like you didn’t know). I’ve been listening to Parachutes and ROBTH for 2 weeks on a loop.

And one more thing….HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!

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silly me

“Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry,

You don’t know how lovely you are,

I had to find you, tell you I need you,

And tell you I set you apart,

Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions,

Oh let’s go back to the start,

Running in circles, coming in tails,

Heads on a science apart,

Nobody said it was easy,

It’s such a shame for us to part,

Nobody said it was easy,

No one ever said it would be this hard,

Oh take me back to the start

I was just guessing at numbers and figures,

Pulling the puzzles apart,

Questions of science, science and progress,

Do not speak as loud as my heart,

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me,

Oh and I rush to the start,

Running in circles, chasing tails,

Coming back as we are…

Nobody said it was easy,

Oh it’s such a shame for us to part,

Nobody said it was easy,

No one ever said it would be so hard,

I’m going back to the start…”

-Coldplay, ‘The Scientist’, A Rush of Blood to the Head

For R.

My heart hurts.

I’m a stupid girl. A very, very stupid girl.

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It just makes you think, is all…

And I don’t know why.

I think it’s when you hear that someone died, someone you grew up with…you just kind of try to think back on everything you ever said…try to remember the last time you saw them.

It’s not the Eric was my close friend. It’s not like I’ve seen him in the last year or so.

But the thought of him, only 24…

I just wonder what happened to him.

I wonder if anyone else knows. From school.

And I wonder why, at times like these, I wish I was 18 again. When everything was simple and straightforward and everyone was safe.

I miss that.

And I think we’ll all miss Eric.

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I Love the 80’s

Ok, so Happy New Year.

I think my New Year’s resolution is going to be not be such a dork.

But I think I’ll start tomorrow. Here’s why:

1. I went and saw Lord of the Rings again this morning. Hee-hee. At least it’s only my 2nd time. I need to see it two more times…

2. I’ve been watching I Love the 80’s on VH1 all day. And I love it and I’ve been laughing my ass off all day. And Hal Sparks is just adorable. I love it.

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling in Word for a while, so I think I’ll split.

But, c’mon, throw the TV on VH1 and relive your childhood.

You know you want to.

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