Yes, I said feck.

It’s feckin’ hot.

So hot I’m thinking about getting back in the pool all over again.

Nothing much to report from the home front. Been too hot to do much of anything these days. Working too much (which is surprising for me during the summer because we’re really not that busy. I think I go in early because of the AC.) Mikey and I hung out all yesterday afternoon after I got out of work and met up with Brandon and Amy and their cutie-patootie little munchkin, Katie. Hung at their house from like 6pm until 230am-ish in the morning. Smoked too much and laid on my back in the middle of their backyard, looking up at the stars, remembering about the supposed meteoroid that we should be able to see.

We’re having problems with the house. Not with Neil, Mikey and I because, usually, we get along famously. I mean, they ARE my best friends and all and I love both of them like my family. It’s the people under the stairs, as I usually refer to Lora and Pete when they’re not around. I know, I know, that’s mean and I’ve trying to be really, really good lately. You know, think good things, say good things. But, to tell you the truth, it’s a little trying. Lora is constantly upstairs, even though she does have an eight month old child, whom she leaves downstairs, alone, in his crib for hours on end without a baby monitor. It make me nervous. Lora is extremely bored and doesn’t have much to do during the day, which she isn’t used to because she used to be full-time student and is really, really intelligent. Then, whoops, baby, marriage. I do feel for her. It’s just that…well, she’s super hypercritical of Mikey, Neil…whomever happens to be in the room and incredibly competitive…about silly stuff. Like whether or not she has the better TV, or more Xbox games…you get the point. Stuff that shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. Drive me nuts. And she’s been driving Mikey and Neil to the point that they want to kill her or at least maim her. And I feel bad because I invited Lora to go to Costa Rica with me in December because my sister has finals and can’t come and I need someone to go with me and Neil and Mikey and Nick can’t pay. She totally rubbed it in their faces, said that they were “too gay” and that I needed a “positive straight female influence”.


No offense, but I have plenty of “positive straight female influence” at work. And I love my little gaggle of boys. They’re my heart and, frankly, they’re the best friends I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t give them up for anything the world. They’re not “too gay”. They’re Neil, Mikey and Nick and that’s that. If they were too gay, I would have left a long, long time ago. She blamed their gayness (their Guatamalaness, Mikey…yay, BIRDCAGE!) for the fact I don’t like going out to bars and clubs, like I’m ashamed of them which is simply bullshit. That they’re the reason I don’t have a boyfriend. Neil and Mikey know this and it makes me feel better that they do. But still. She should never ever have said something that nasty to them…they’re her friends too! She’s known Mikey longer than she’s known me. All of sudden, it’s a big competition over me. And I’m not flattered. Not in the least.

So, besides badmouthing my friends and starting shit, she also is in our apartment ALL THE TIME. From the time I get home at work until I go to bed. And I don’t mind her being there because our apartment is a little spooky at night but there are some nights when I do just want to be alone and watch Family Double Dare and eat frozen blueberries out of the bag. I’m a weirdo, I know. I’m sorry. Mikey and Neil would like to have a little privacy too. We never go down to their apartment and we always knock, which they do not do. It was cute for Pete to come all the way into the apartment and knock on the living room wall to announce his presence for about two seconds. Now, it’s annoying. And intrusive. I know his parents own the house, but we pay rent just the same.

So, exactly how do you say (tactfully) “Love you guys, but we really need our own time, could you please stop coming upstairs all the time and by the way…stop ragging on my friends!?” I think I came up with something (I was hella stoned so bear with me). Mikey works at the Best Western in Keene, so I asked him to steal two “DO NOT DISTURB” signs that go on the doorknob. I’ll give one to them and keep one for us and say “Love you guys, but we really need our own time. I’m going to put the sign on the doorknob and if it says “DO NOT DISTURB”, just turn around and go back downstairs. If it says “MAID PLEASE MAKE UP ROOM”, feel free to knock and wait for an answer before you enter. We’ll extend the same courtesy to you.” Sound ok? Fair enough? Let’s hope so.

‘Cuz I’m kind of scared of Lora.

My brother’s off to college next weekend, and I bought him a Playstation controller as a present since he only has two and one is gimpy (yet he doesn’t tell you this until you’re getting your ass royally kicked in middle of Goldeneye. Nice kid.). I talked to my best girlfriend from high school (coincidentally also named Jen, like myself and, coincidentally also named Jennifer Lynn (I only have one ‘n’ in Lyn, but work with me. The used to call us Jen2(squared) in high school.) and she’s home for the day so I invited her over. Haven’t seen her since January, so I’m pretty excited and hope she shows. Thank God we cleaned the apartment this morning. Hopefully, Mikey Day at the apartment (I’m at my ‘rent’s and Neil’s working) didn’t get too out of hand.

Anyway…at least Adult Swim is on tonight…

I *heart* the Brak Show.


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