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I don’t think it’s stopped raining all day today.

Didn’t do much today. Downloaded some rare Big Wreck tracks that you can’t buy (and just for all you James Hetfield wannabes, I would’ve bought the damn things if I could find them anywhere…and I’ve tried). Revamped the page a bit, actually did an about me and links page, since the old ones were…well…old. Read a little. Watched A LOT of MTV2. It was nuts. They had Creed hosting the request show. I hate them. Narcissistic bastards. I hate Creed. I hate them. And there was a point there where MTV and MTV2 where BOTH playing their new video…I had no where to run. Yes, I know I could’ve shut off the television, but what would be the point? I was disgusted.

Not much going on tonight. Not that anything much goes on here anyway. Nick came over late last night to hang out and we had a lot of fun. And Sunday is Queer as Folk night…YAY!

While working on my page for tomorrow (World AIDS Day) and visiting a lot of sites out there….I guess it made me kind of depressed. It’s been a long time since my Uncle Dave passed away…six years…sometimes I wonder if I’m healed or not. I guess that’s why I’m haunted. I can’t forget things. They just kind of stay in my head forever, bumping into each other. It’s funny, I don’t think of him very often anymore, but when it rains, it pours. I think I’ll light a candle for him tomorrow. It just makes me think is all. About what a huge difference he made in my life, in the way that I live my life now. About how he was changed me and in turn, changed others I know. They will be showing a portion of the AIDS quilt at my old high school tonight. That is so unbelievably special, I don’t really know how to express it.

Anyway…on a lighter note…

Did anyone watch Are You Dave Gorman? on BBCamerica last night? It’s brilliant. Nick didn’t get it…but there really isn’t anything to really get, per se. It’s a show about a real guy, named David Gorman, who made a bet (while intoxicated, oddly enough) with his roommate, Danny, that he could find 54 other Dave Gormans (one for every card in the deck, including the jokers). It’s done almost in lecture format, with PowerPoint slide presentation and everything. It’s great. I loved it. You will too.



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George Harrison dies at age 58. He was my mom’s favorite Beatle. I have to remember to call her today.

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Well, hell.

Almost 2 months to the day since I’ve actually posted. No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the Earth, well…not entirely. For all you people out there awaiting email from me, I have recently discovered I can’t send email. I can get it but I can’t send it.

Not much has changed since I wrote in September. Let me think…no, not much has changed.

Work is the same. We’ve gotten busier, which is good, so hopefully we won’t all take a pay cut or get furloughed or whatever. I actually had this week off, which is so much fun. I haven’t done much, basically hung out around the house and watched infomercials and PBS kids programs, cleaned my house and got half way through Memoirs of a Geisha, which I highly recommend, if there’s someone out there other than me who hasn’t read it yet. I’ve got Atlas Shrugged to start on next. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss school. I can’t read as well as I used to (I know that sounds really dumb. It’s not that I’ve forgotten HOW to read, it’s that I can’t concentrate like I used to). Maybe next year I’ll take a couple of courses at Keene State. Maybe.

Well, let’s see, what else happened? Oh, yeah! I turned the big two-two on Novemeber 23rd. What a great birthday. I really had a great time and I never feel like I have good birthdays. I went to the Steeplegate Mall with my mom in Concord that morning and afternoon and she bought me some clothes as my birthday present (and Christmas, since I found WAAY too much stuff) and went to lunch at Applebees (bleh). Then I went to the Frontrunner in Manchester with Neil, Nick and Mikey. Jen’s first gay club experience…it was a blast. Kind of like Queer as Folk. Lots of cute guys, all of them gay. Just like real life. Has anyone seen Queer as Folk? It’s addictive! It’s like televised nicotine. I love it.

Yeah, life’s pretty good.

If you noticed, I’ve revamped my page a bit, just because the Enigma theme was getting old and I got an idea after listening to Poe’s album Haunted and flipping through her brother’s book, Mark Danieleweski’s House of Leaves, which I cannot work up the brains to read. Anyway, the track Haunted really touched me, so I decided to use it as the theme for my page.

On a similar note, December 1st is World AIDS day and my page will be participating in Link and Think (formerly A Day Without Weblogs) and will be posting relevant material for meditation, reflection and education. I urge all my buddies out there, Bloggers and non-Bloggers, to participate by displaying a banner, linking to AIDS-relevant material or any other idea you may have.

Anyway, my laundry should be done. I think I’ll write again soon.

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