I was going to blog about this week.

I planned on it.

But now that I’m here, there isn’t much for me to say.

Except for the fact that it all seems like a bad dream to me.

And I’m still sad. Sad that I’d become numb to it in these past few days, dealing with people who were at airports, people who called wondering if their loved ones were on the planes, were safe, people who were stranded in Chicago, Canada, LAX…

Then the people who called who were supposed to travel…honeymooners, business people…and I had to tell them that there were no refunds after October 1st. Had to listen to them curse me, threaten me…

Somewhere along the way, I made myself stop caring just so I could make it through.

And then, this weekend, tuned to MTV to avoid the America Under Attack specials that were everywhere, I saw Live’s new video for their song ‘Overcome’, a song they released expressly for this event (you can download it on their site.)

And I cried.

Felt redeemed. Like a human being again.

Not that anything will ever be the same.

Please help.

Love you all.


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