So, Nick, you owe me a pizza. He never showed.
I should probably get over my fear and call the guy, but I’m too scared. It’s cute. It’s part of my charm, so there.
Another exciting Sunday. Got over my hangover. That’s what you get for drinking for two nights straight. Annie (my sister) and Phil (her boyfriend) came over. My parents went to Florida and today we had a classic New England spring day…it sleeted all day and ends up being about 40 degrees. Yay! 40 degrees! Break out the swimsuit.
Our apartment doesn’t look cracked out anymore. It took three hours of cleaning before I could scrape up all the crap we’ve had laying around.
Penny ate 12 oz. of white chocolate yesterday night. I thought I was going to have to call Emergancy Vets but she just ended up booting all over my bed. Alls well that ends well.
Neil’s watching Hackers…I haven’t watched that movie in ages. I’ve got Paul Oakenfold on the computer.
A perfect night.
Nick, you owe me a pizza.


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