Eight thirty on a Sunday night.
I haven’t posted in ages. I thought I’d change things around a little by changing the colors and writing for once. haha
Anyway, not much has been blog-worthy these days, even though I write in journal every night about little teeny nothings that I do all day. I’ve decided I work way to much, so now I’m only going to go in when my shift starts, not three hours early just to get a jump on the day.
Life isn’t bad these days, besides the frigid New England winter that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. I’m ready to quit my job and move to California and just be warm for once. I just keep repeating “It’s almost March” to myself all the time…
Today wasn’t a terrible day at all. We woke up unusually early, thanks to Nick who called at 11:30am. I made bacon and pancakes, smoking up the kitchen and making the whole house smell like cooked pig. Ugh. I’m going vegetarian for the next week or two. I’ve been way to meat dependant these last couple of days. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Nick came over and we headed up to my parents so I could pay my parents some money I owe, then we headed over to Bratt., in a roundabout way. I took him out on the backroads to Northfield and pointed out houses I liked. He likes to hear stories of my hometown, which has so many little quirks and oddities. Kind of like Brattelboro.
I just want to clear something up here. I love Brattelboro. I really do. I love how unique it is; I love the little shops and the eccentries of it’s people. *However* everything closes at five on Sunday. So of course we got there at five thirty, ended up walking up one side of Main Street and down the other, got back in my car and ate Chinese at Panda North. Yum, yum. Now we’ve got Ray of Light in the cd player, kind of chilling out and doing our own thing. He’s going through Neil’s ex-roommates pleathora of magazines that she left behind. There must be at least a hundred magazines in that drawer. It’s neat…but they take up a lot of space and Neil and I don’t know quite what to do with them. We don’t want them, but we don’t want to throw all that paper away either.
I’ve decided I want to make three big purchases this year, three things that I really need: a new car in the fall, a camera and a new bed. I’m tired of my old twin that I’ve been sleeping in since I was twelve.


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