Yet another exciting weekend.
Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and hang out at La Casa de Jen y Neil. I don’t always need to go out every weekend and get so smashed I forget my name. Actually, I probably shouldn’t. We were supposed to have Chrissi over but she blew us off…I’ll wait while you recover from the shock.
I think that I’m just lonley or lazy or something.
Or something.
I’m so satisfied with almost all aspects of life right now. Well, most of them.
I could really use an extra hundred dollars a week.
And I wish a certain someone who just shows up at my house sometimes would show up more often.
Neil and I set up his blog tonight on blogspot. He hasn’t posted yet. He calls it Needles and Pins on stoptheworld. I call it
Such a nice roomie.
Anyway, visit his site. I’m sure he’ll have some cool stuff up soon.


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