It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.
So many have you have told me.
I can’t even remember October 30th.
Let’s do a brief rundown of what has happened in two months:
1. Moved out of my house and into Neil’s apartment with Penny. Cleaned it out. It was gross.
2. Got a fish named Rupert.
3. Began an ongoing battle with Kmart.com to get a refund off a showercurtain I didn’t recieve. Never buy anything from them. They suck and their hold music sucks even more.
4. Dropped out of school.
5. Turned 21 on November 23rd.
6. Did I mention I got a new job? Here. I love it. It’s hard and gives me a headache. But I love it.
7. Got two kitties from the Humane Society; Bianca and Midnight. They’re darlings.
8. Had a pretty decent Christmas with the family.

I guess that brings me up to now. Life is pretty good and I hope to update more frequently, along with a digital camera so I can get some pics up here. Promise I’ll update more soon.


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