Not making much sense these days, am I? [Linda?]

I’ve been in a sort of really strange weirdo mood lately. Lots has happened and I wrote all about it yesterday but the internet goblins ate it. My connection has been deadslow lately, so bear with me, and I think we can get it.

First things first:

[blaring trumpet]

I got a new job.

…Pause while Jen does cartwheels across the floor…

Yes, the bleak netherworld of Hannaford Bros. is no more. I have accepted a job a prominent travel firm here in Keene, and I’m so excited about it, I can hardly breathe. WHOO HOO! No more ugly red smock for me, I am now a professional woman, which is so much better than that amatuer I used to be.

So, ta-da, big news, big move, big money, big smile on the face of yours truly.

And hopefully on yours too.

Meg’s birthday was Saturday [happy birthday, Meggie] and by the time I got out of work, she was asleep on the couch. Sooo, Neil and I grabbed a couple of Magic Hat brews(Fat Angel and Number 9 if anyone is wondering)…yummy Vermont beer…and sat out on the porch and smoked too much and talked and listened to the rain.

The power went off last night at work, which was insane. Some birds blew up a transformer on Island Street and when they transferred power, the one near us blew like something out of an action flick. Word to the wise (and those unable to grasp the obvious): if the lights at your favorite grocery store are off…DO NOT GO IN. It’s true, people are like sheep. Needless to say, it really clinched my job decision, hauling 200 lbs. of dead animals out of the case and into the meat freezer and then, 20 minutes later, hauling it back out when the lights came back on and we were, once again, open for business, our nerves still raging after the two hours of lightless hell. So I went in today to use the phone and got bitched at for ten minutes because this certain someone found meat underneath registers. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I had enough to worry about and I thought shopback had been done so just get out of my face.

Went to tell my boss I was interviewing for a new job. I did this because I wanted to tell her myself, and not have her hear it through the damn grapevine. I should have known she already would have known, since I told one person Friday I had a job interview and Saturday afternoon, the whole Front End knew.

I met my Lloyd Dobler and he’s wonderful and perfect and I just want him to be mine. More details on THAT later on, folks. Film at eleven.

I tore my room apart looking for my plain black shoes for my interview today, coming up with nothing. If my sister took them to college with her, I’ll kill her. I had to wear my five inch platform black pleather boots to my interview today. Certainly must have made an impression…but I still felt unprofessional and uncomfortable.

Penny is grumbling on the bed and snorting…which means it’s time for me to turn out the light and get some sleep.

Tori’s on my speakers…she helps.


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