A good night at work. Not too stressful, people didn’t give me a lot of shit.

Hung out with Jeremy for a lot of the night and talked movies. A-ha, the number one conversation starter. He’s a film student, so we had a lot to talk about. Laughed a lot. “Did you see a sign on my garage that said ‘dead nigger storage’?”. Also likes Alien2. Such a good movie. Nick worked, too. Ah, the fleetingness of infatuation.

Neil and Meg came in tonight, which was, of course, awesome, since I haven’t seen either of them for at least a week or two. I guess Neil hasn’t been feeling well, which is why the wanker hasn’t been returning my phone calls. I begged him to go to the mall with me tomorrow, but he has to work, so I’m going with Meg instead, which is cool, since we’ve never really gotten to hang out and get to know each other, and she’s a cool person, which is not what I can say about some of my other “friends”.

Speaking of, the UNH-ers head back soon, as do a lot of the other pissheads from my class. I’m soooo glad I’m not going anywhere this year. I’m soooo glad my ass is staying in Keene. Not that I’m looking forward to classes at all. I mean, Monday morning, bright and early. Classes. Ugh. Where did my summer go? Will someone please tell me?

I have to get over this anger thing I have towards so many people I graduated with. I mean, sometimes I think of them and I get so pissed off. I mean, I haven’t spoken to some of them in three years…what’s up with that?

What got me in this retrospective mood was athenaeum. They actually played them on the radio tonight. I saw them when I was at Suffolk and feel in love immediatly. Hearing them made me think of this guy named Chad, who I knew at Suffolk, who said he would always think of me when he listened to ‘away’, our favorite song on their album. It made me think of all the people I used to have connections to, but, one by one, they all kind of disappeared. What are those people up to? Have their lives changed? Do they ever think of me?

Isn’t it odd what you think of when you’re driving alone in your car at night?

Good night, lovies.


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