Goddamn, I’m tired. I haven’t felt this exhausted in the longest time.

I like how work insists I’m still training for shiftleading. I ran my ass ragged today, there’s no way in hell they can say I was training. One of my friends, Lynn, said something that really pissed me off tonight, and it hurt me, to think that all of a sudden she sees me as competition or something. I mentioned to her that we were mad, crazy busy and that she was probably going on register when she punched in, since I was on break. She said “I’m not going on register. I’m shiftleading.” Let me just say that shiftleaders can cashier, but cashiers can’t shiftlead, and if you, as a shiftleader, need to go on register, than tough titty, as my Nana would say. Anyway, I replied “Well, Denise and I figured it out and it would make sense for you to go on until [someone] comes in.” And she said “I’m not going on register. I’m a shiftleader and I’m above you. You can’t tell me what to do. I’m not going on register.”

Now, this really, really pissed me off. Not the fact that she was refusing to go on register because I’d go if she didn’t. It was the “I’m above you.” bullshit that really irked me. I mean, first of all, I thought that she was my friend, and then she pulls this powertrip on me and it just made me feel shitty. I looked at Jason, who was sitting with me, and said “Jason, that really pissed me off.” So I talked to good old Bob about it. He’s so nice. Explained about different personalities and stuff, stuff I already knew, but needed to hear again. I worked a half hour late, something Lynn really seemed to not want me to do, but that I really needed to do because we got slammed.

Which reminds me: my horoscopes have been completely bang on this week. Example:


A little voice deep inside your head tells you not to give up under any circumstance today. Even as it all comes down, you’re out there taking a poll or conducting an investigation. Don’t listen to people who tell you that it’s a lost cause, Sagittarius. You may be personally affected, but that won’t stop you from doing your job. Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the traffic. You’ll find what you’re looking for eventually and then the glory will be yours.

Somehow, that seems like today.


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