I have come to realize that I never really have a good-good day, always good-bad days. Today was one of those days. Allow me to illustrate:

Bad: Thunderstorm knocked out power for a few seconds this morning, enough to reset my stereo clock and alarm (even though it’s so sensitive, you could sneeze too hard and it would blink12:00 at you.)

Good: It was loud enough to wake me up so I saw it had reset and was able to set the alarm again.

Bad: It was damn muggy today.

Good: I exercised anyway.

Bad: I blew a tire on the way to work.

Good: It was only, like, 1/4 mile from work.

Bad: I was late for work because I had to park the car somewhere and walk.

Good: They didn’t notice.

Bad: They didn’t notice because they had cancelled my shift because the person who is training me had an “emergency seminar”. No kidding, an emergency seminar.

Good: I was able to go find my mother and brother who were putzing around Keene to get help. This was also good because I was able to get my car in and out of the shop in one day. If I had worked until eight, I would have been royally screwed.

Bad: My mother was difficult and made me want to smack her.

Good: The wonderful boys down to Leon’s came and helped me and she left to do errands.

Bad: I had a doughnut on my car and had to bring it to another garage to get a new rim and tire put on, meaning I was pretty much stuck with Mom until we got home.

Good: She took me and my brother out to lunch at Friendly’s…YUM!

So, you see, that was pretty much how my day went. Up, down, up, down. But I did get an extra day off, even if it means my paycheck with be eight hours less than I had hoped, but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to get my car fixed. Penny rode down in the Jeep with Mom and me to deliver Greg to soccer practice. Then I cleaned out the back of my car…you would not believe the horrendous amount of shit there was in the trunk. I found an alarm clock.

I’m hoping I can scan some pics in tonight.

Oh, I saw the most amazing documentary on The Indie Scene (on PBS) last night: Secret People, it was so eerily beautiful (and a nice change from the politicians who have been clogging my airways lately. Oh, well…VOTE GORE!). It was about leprosy, of all things, but it was just so overwhelming, I just had to mention it. A few others that have either touched me or made me think:

Well-Founded Fear…dealing with issue of political asylum and the real-life people who make the decision

Butterfly…about Julia “Butterfly” Hill, a woman who climbed a tree and risked her life to save ‘Luna’, an ancient redwood.

Blink…the story of an “ex” white supremasict.

And, yay!…I won the VW ad!


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