Okay, so I had the craziest night last night…it was just…unreal…I half-thought it was a dream or something until I went out to my car this morning and smelled the skunk. ANYWAY, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Work was worl, as usual, but Maura informed me that her dogs are ok (she has two Dachunds [sp]). They had some weird doggie-virus and she wasn’t sure one was going to make it. The cool thing is, I offered to babysit them while she’s at work (she works two jobs) during the day, since she takes them to work with her and they stay in her truck. That kind of bothers me, but when you have no other options, I guess you have to. Anyway, I offered to do it for free since, well, I’m nice like that.

Neil and Meg showed up `round ten, invited me over. BTW, there is an edited version of a couple days ago’s post. I’m sorry, Neil. : ) I headed over their house and hung out with them and Mikey. Finally met “scary Gary”. He’s not so scary. Got pretty toasted and watched the Wall, which I’ve never seen, and ended up heading home around three or so.

So I’m driving along the river, and it must’ve been raining because it was really foggy. I was tired, so I was trying to pay extreme attention to the road. I headed around the bend and my headlights glinted off something on the opposite side of the road. For a second, my mind said “Was that a motorcycle?” Nah….But, being the Curious Georgette I am, I turned into the nearest driveway (for all you Marlbouroians, it’s the little trailer on the hill with all the lawn ornaments) and drove back. This time, I realized it was a motorcycle. Should I stop? I mean, it was 4 AM and I really didn’t need any blood and guts in my life, but, being the Good Samaritan I am, I turned around again and headed back. This time, thankfully, I noticed someone squatting on the side of the road. I called to him and he answered. This guy was fit-shaced if I’ve ever seen anyone fit-shaced. He could hardly walk. Well, I couldn’t just leave him there. I could smell a skunk (I think I re-ran over it when I turned around) and gas, and he was so gone, I could see him wandering into the road and getting run over.

So I pulled over and started talking to him, you know “Are you hurt? Can I call someone for you? Do you need an ambulance?” All this guy was worried about was his bike. And he was being a bit confrontational, which scared me since people just kept driving by, no one stopped. Finally, someone turned around (a girl and a guy about my age) and came back, and I told them to call 911, that I thought he was hurt. The guy insisted he wasn’t and I really didn’t want to stay there alone, so the girl in the car said she would. Another person stopped, this time an EMT, and said she’d stay while they went and called 911. So we talked to him, kept him on the side of the road and waited. Truthfully…I was really, really scared.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see bluelights in all my life. A cruiser stopped, then another, and I had to give my name and address and all that good stuff. I felt really bad though, for the poor guy. I mean, this is seriously going to screw up his entire life. He said he was a truckdriver, which means he’ll lose his job. I felt really bad for him.

But I couldn’t help thinking, what if? What if I had left Neil and Meg’s five minutes earlier. Would he have hit me?


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