I hate my computer tonight. I think I should toss this one out the window and start over, I SWEAR. If it’s not the modem, it’s the mouse, if it’s not the fact that it’s slower than a friggin Commodor, it’s the little question mark key that sticks. Damn you little question mark key. You make me mad. Other than the fact that I’ve slaved over my site all day and it looks the same, I had a pretty great day off. Got my paycheck and immediatly bid it farewell as I paid everything. Sigh. Welcome to the real world, right? Great, now my shift key is sticking.

ALL CAPS IS WONDERFUL TO READ. There. Sorry. Anyway, I took Krissy and Penny for a walk, a nice, long, long, long walk. We headed up the road, taking our sweet time. There were plenty of sniffing-rocks-and-chasing-imaginary-squirrels breaks. We got to the big old field at the top of the road and wandered around there, ate blueberries (which Penny actually likes. That and grapes. My grandmother told me they’d give her the shits over fourth of July dinner. Tasty, Nana, thank you.) The three of us headed down into the woods to do some exploring and Penny explored herself right into the biggest mudpuddle she could find. I shit you not, she was literally up to her neck in mud. Just splashing around, happy as a clam, looking up at me as if to say “What?”. I managed to lure her out and we headed back home. By that time, they were pooped. Poor Penny. Her little legs aren’t used to so much exercise, which means I should probably walk her hard like that more often. My silly girl, who I had to carry in the house for dinner, who is now snoring like a lawn mower on my bed. A quick bath irradicated the mud situation, but she found some soap I missed and I think her tummy is upset. Yum.

Unlike I previously thought, Chrissi is NOT in Philly getting her booboo checked out, even though Erin AND her mother told me she was, which is so shady I don’t even want to think about it. I don’t know what’s up with her, if she’s pushing me out or what. I just feel as if we don’t fit together anymore, like we never will. I don’t know what happened. She’s got so many other friends, I seem to get lost in the maddening crowd. She says she’s moving back home in the winter, or going to Florida, or going to Nursing School, or going to Keene State, or quitting her job or anything. I hear so many stories I don’t think I even know what’s true about her and what’s not. I wish she would just be honest with me. Maybe I shouldn’t be so…clingy. I suppose that’s the word for it. I don’t know. Maybe I just miss my friend.

Erin told me to call her the other night but LIKE I have her phone number. I don’t know about her, either. I just remember what she was like in highschool. I betcha she’s grown up a lot. I mean, junior year was just one big headache, and that’s probably why I’m wary of a friendship with her, because I have all these negative feelings attached to when we were close friends, because there was so much bullshit going on.

Wonder if Neil will show up at Hannaford’s tomorrow. edited.

I have Wednesday/Thursday off this week. Wednesday seems a world away. God, I can’t wait to find out about this shiftleader thing.



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